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This Week on the Internet-July 28

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It saddens me deeply to announce that I still have yet to meet/date/marry Harry Styles from One Direction despite the band passing through Seattle last Sunday.

It’s not to say I didn’t try- my roommate and I walked the 4 miles to and from Downtown Seattle (twice!) to try and find any dim-lit-windowed white vans or hordes of screaming fans in front of a hotel. Kind of unsurprisingly, all we found was a surplus of tween girls with short shorts and crop tops wandering around, probably with the same goal as us slightly more inconspicuous 1D fans.

Despite this, the week overall has been quite good, and the things I’ve found on the Internet have been no exception:


So, apparently, you can live in London’s Pancreas Station Clock Tower for only $220 a night. Oh, those lofted ceilings! And the sneaky library shelves! And the absurdly pristine bathrooms!


A creative agency down the street from where I work gave some Capitol Hill Block Party attendees their fortune-and then made them come true. 


Speaking of Capitol Hill Block Party, this is what my neighborhood looked like last weekend. 

And here is some fun fashion from the events. I’m especially fond of the cat-emerging-out-of-a-banana t-shirt.


On other music news, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis came to Capitol Hill last week to film a music video on top of Dick’s Drive In (a Seattle classic). Sadly, the Internet spilled the beans on the “secret” filming, and too many people showed up, making the thing start 3 hours late. Me, being an old lady in a 21 year old’s body, left around 10 pm before I could see him. Next time around.


Uber might be my favorite app of all time. Seriously. If you don’t have it, download it. Especially if you live car-less in a city where you are sometimes out at night. It saved me from a mile walk and a group of rambunctious weed-beggars on the street after the 10 pm Macklemore fail.


This blog full of the most darling illustrated graphics gives me design-envy and hunger.


Rhett and Link made a musical. About Breaking Bad. With Middle Schoolers. I’m actually obsessed. I nearly lost it when Blue Rock Candy came out for an introduction.


And last, but not least- some words of advice for the single ladies out there from the one and only Miranda. Trust me, she knows what she’s talking about.


July 2013 Playlist


The World is Watching– Two Door Cinema Club

Debut– Oskar Linnros

Wishing Well– Cheyenne Marie Mize

Sonsick– San Fermin

Darling Divine– Wild Child

Ready for the Weekend– Icona Pop

Thinkin Bout You– Frank Ocean

Bedroom Eyes– Dum Dum Girls

Life Round Here– James Blake

Play Hard– Krewella

Indigo Home– Roo Panes

You Come Down– Marika Hackman


Listen to the full playlist all the way through on Spotify! 


A Morning at Melrose


As much as I adore my internship, working full time has given me a new appreciation for weekends. When I’m going to school in Denver, weekends are almost more stressful than weekdays- every day is crammed full with catching up on homework, seeing friends, tidying up, and most importantly- knocking some episodes off the old Netflix queue. Now that I’m living somewhere where-let’s be honest-I’ve got exponentially less friends available to hang out with without extensive planning and no homework, I’ve got some time to do the things that I want to do! Yesterday (Saturday), was one of those days where I just woke up and wanted some cheese. But not the nameless QFC bought kind I already had in the fridge. I wanted some real artisan cheese like a fancy European lady might have in her fridge.

I’ve always been aware of the existence of Melrose Market in Seattle. I used to pass by it nearly every day last summer when I would make the hike up to Capitol Hill after work. For whatever inexplicable reason, I never thought to go in. In my adventurous (and cheese longing) state yesterday, I decided that there was going to be no better time to go spend my money on some fancy food.

Melrose Market is a charming little urban space filled with shops for all sorts of things from stationary, wines, and vinyl to fresh coffee, cured meats, and cheeses. Wandering inside the light flooded space, I immediately felt like I had discovered something truly special. It was relatively uncrowded, especially considering it was a Saturday in the tourist heavy time of the year, so there was a pleasantly calmed buzz about the place.





After a brief wander around the space, I beelined straight for the cheese shop, The Calf & Kid. Slightly daunted by the abundance of delicious looking cheeses, I was honest with the cheese man and told her that I don’t know the first thing about cheeses except for that I like things like Gouda and I usually eat cheese with fruits or cured meats. Being the professional cheese man that he is, he helped me out, letting me have abundant samples of cheese.



My favorite ended up being a salty goat cheese called “Nonna Capra” straight from a creamery in my very own Washington State. It reminded me of the gooey cheesiness that you might find in an expensive Macaroni and Cheese dish- I was sold. When he told he that a teeny slice (maybe about half the size of an iPhone) was about $5, I swallowed my stinginess and handed over my $5 bill.  I came here knowing that I was going to walk away with some good cheese and it wasn’t going to be cheap. I carried the cheese home safely tucked away in my bag and added it to some polenta for dinner that night. $5 well spent.






As crazy as it to say, I’ll be a college graduate by this time next year.

Weird, seeing as I am pretty sure I just graduated high school a week ago.

In all honesty, I feel about as ready as a person could feel going into their last year of schooling ever could be (unless I randomly decide to come back). I love school, especially as I’ve been able to delve deeper into my communications and marketing studies, but I’ve discovered that I love working even more. When I’ve been in jobs that don’t feel like work and feel like I am just getting to have fun and be paid for it- that’s what I can’t wait for. I’m working full time this summer and I love it because I love my internship- simple as that.

I never thought I would ever enjoy a 9-5 schedule but here I am, saying it.


My impending graduation has had me thinking about this blog. It’s purpose has always been to document my navigation of the gluten free diet while being away at college along with providing a space for new college students or newly diagnosed celiacs to get some useful and specific information from a somewhat relatable source. Doing the college thing without letting celiac disease surpass studying on the list of stresses has been the mantra of the blog, and writing updates for this blog has probably been more therapeutic and helpful for myself than it has for any readers. I do hope that there has been at least a smidgen of advice that stuck with some of you, a story that tickled your funny bone a wee bit, or at least made you feel sorry for me when I got glutened (hey-any emotional responses are welcome here. It’s a safe place). It has honestly warmed my heart every time someone has commented, “liked” my Facebook page, followed me on Twitter, or reached out with concerns and questions. Through my experience, I’ve been able to virtually meet so many amazing fellow gluten free bloggers and collaborate in initiatives larger than myself which means the world to me.

This is all starting to sound very sign-offish, which I’ll tell you it isn’t supposed to.

I will be graduating The Campus Celiac along with my own graduation since I will no longer be a college student. However, I am keeping the blog alive in another format. 

Over the next year, I’m going to be transitioning the blog into a lifestyle blog.

I know, I know, puke.

I don’t really like the sound of a “lifestyle” blog either because it gives the false impression that I live some pristine and orderly life that should be admired and modeled by all around me. Like I own all Thomasville furniture, am a beauty guru, and wear tediously styled outfits every single day.


To me, the “new” blog is going to be an extension of The Campus Celiac, giving me added freedoms in terms of what I’m writing about. Recipes, restaurant reviews, gluten free shenanigans, it’ll all still be here. But I’m hoping to add in some non gluten free related topics like room decorating, DIY, thrifting tips, daily life ramblings, etc. Mainly, I want this to be a place where I can write about whatever was on my mind on any particular day without it needing to be related to gluten or the lack of said gluten.

I’m really excited to revive the blog, get it all spiffed up, and start writing about the things that I’m most enthusiastic to write about! And as I’ve gotten more into the swing of things with this gluten free thing, I see it as a small chapter in my life, not the entire book.

Big hugs to everyone who is reading my blog or has read my blog for their support throughout the last 3 years on this thing!

See you soon!






Exciting News and GIVEAWAY!


After months of excruciating waiting and finger crossing, I am finally settled in for the summer: I’ve got an exciting and challenging Marketing/Communications internship at a digital startup in Seattle, an adorable room in a city apartment with two lovely new roommates, and I am constantly surrounded by the copious amounts of coffee this city has to offer. Look guys-I’ve practically got my life in order! 

On other exciting news…

I was interviewed by Karen Broussard of Gluten Free Travel Site for an article she has written for the fantastically resourceful and fun Simply Gluten Free Magazine! The article is titled “Best Four Years of Their LIves? For Gluten-Free Students, College Choice Largely Impacts Quality of Life” and is on page 36, if you’d like to pick up a copy from your local market. I am so grateful to be a part of the awesome gluten free community so it makes my heart smile when I can give some (hopefully) helpful advice to readers out there! 

Last point of business–

Gluten Free Travel Blog is conducting a giveaway with KIND Snack Bars (which are legitimately my favorite grab and go snack) where the next 10 students to submit a review of their college gluten free options will win 24 new flavors of KIND bars! All you have to do is go to the Gluten Free Travel Site website, submit a review of your college as soon as possible, and cross your fingers! With a summer full of working, vacationing, or simply lounging at the beach, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to get your hand on some delicious and uber-convenient snacks. 


It WILL Get Better, I Promise.

Despite my potentially misleading title, this post is not in regards to our awkward high school years (although that, too, does get better).

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much bolder my decision making has gotten just over the last year. A friend and I have started an a cappella group on campus last quarter (already with nearly 10 auditioned members!), I volunteered my time with the school radio station, I have started a couple new blogs, I am moving somewhere brand new this summer (more news on this coming soon), and in general, I have just felt more liberated. Through all of this, I have realized that the chronic illness that is Celiac Disease has gone straight to the back of my mind. It’s not like I have forgotten about it or compromised my gluten free diet. Rather, I have reached a point where I am so comfortable within this new lifestyle that it is completely second nature.

Brand new a cappella group!

Brand new a cappella group!


Some friends and I.

On that note, this post is a reminder to you- whoever you are -that while having Celiac Disease can really suck sometimes, it will soon become the only way of life you know, making it so much easier to get through.

In due time you will…

Not feel heartbroken seeing your friends eating a donut or birthday cake. In fact, you will be almost immune to it within a couple of months. Your knowledge of the damage that exact type of food has done your body in the past will always be in your subconscious, making your indifference to the stuff stronger and stronger in time. *This is not proven science, but I think it’s legit, so just hear me out.

Start to prefer gluten free foods. Okay, so, it’s not like you really have a choice. But as your memory of glutenous foods drifts away, you will not only start to accept gluten free breads, cakes, and cookies as being decent, but they will become the new norm. Heck, there are some gluten free brands that gluten eating people prefer.

Not feel as awkward explaining your situation. Explaining any medical disorder can be a bit like pulling teeth but explaining intestinal problems? That can get REAL awkward real fast. After a few painful explanations you will reach a point where you’ve perfected your little monologue and can do it at any time, to anyone. Mine goes something like: “Basically gluten cuts off all the nutrients I need to operate so I’m essentially in a wide awake coma/trap of death for several days”. If people want to know more, they’ll ask specifics.

Be able to go with friends on a spontaneous night out. You’ll know all the nearby restaurants that can feed you, you will have a “safe drink” to order at the bar, and guess what- you won’t be tired by 10 pm because your gluten free diet will give you more energy than a small child after drinking a venti mocha frappaccino.

Navigate the grocery store like a pro. Really. You’ll be in and out in like 20 minutes. I know it seems impossible in the beginning but especially if you go to the same grocery store often, you will know exactly where to find those gluten free corn tortillas you really like and you can hassle the store manager the second they leave the shelves. Soon, you’ll be downright excited to shop just to see what new gluten free foods are in your store.

You won’t even feel like anything is wrong with you. Which is quite accurate, really. If you are staying gluten free, there isn’t anything wrong with you at all. You are doing this not by preference but because you have to- this could be seen as a negative thing but in reality, it’s what we humans do. We just do. We work with what we’ve got and pretty soon, we won’t even know otherwise. People who are born with disorders do not intrinsically know that they have a disorder until someone tells us we do. Remain careful of avoiding gluten but don’t think that it defines you as a person or has any ability to take value away from your livelihood. Focus on all the problems you have miraculously been able to solve for yourself simply by changing out a few minor things in your past life.


Quarter Life Crisis is in Full Effect

With it being my junior year of college, nearing my senior year, I’m faced with the inevitable fact that someday I will actually have to be an adult, living by society’s standards. 

This obvious fact has always been in the back of my mind, but it hit me with a real pang the other day when I seriously had to do laundry. As I no longer live in a house with my parents or in the campus dorms, I am at that point where I have to use real, grown-up laundromats. It sucks. As if it’s not enough of a pain having to wait around for the washing cycle to finish while you have much better things to be doing like watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, trudging several blocks with my bright orange bag of dirty clothes makes me want to break down crying. As I clambered up the hills of Capitol Hill, I suddenly had the thought that from here on for like, the REST OF MY LIFE I’m going to have to do my own laundry. And probably a *husband’s and child’s laundry as well at some point. What a horrid thought. 

*Said husband is expected to do the laundry 50% or more of the time. It’s not the 1950’s. 

The laundry revelation on top of my current playing of the “waiting game” in terms of summer internships is setting me up for a serious Demi Lovato a la “Camp Rock” moment. 

You know, where she sings more self-affirming or self-questioning songs than you could shake a stick at. 


I, too, ask myself this often, Demi.