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Healthy Snacks for Movers & Shakers

            As students, we are pretty much busy all the time. We squeeze homework and studying in
between classes, club meetings, gym sessions (maybe), hang out sessions (definitely), and sleeping. How are we supposed to fit eating into this tight schedule, let alone eating healthily?? Well, it’s easier than you think. Being the super artsy person that I am not, I’ve made a little collage of snacks that a. take about zero minutes to prepare  b. will be fitting for any food budget and  c. will make your tummy happy.
one. {Green Tea} Ok so I know green tea isn’t a food, but it has too many health benefits to be unmentioned– speeding up metabolism, burning fat, and maximizing exercise output are just a few perks to making this your morning drink of choice.

two. {Almonds} It’s all too easy to choose to snack on that big bag of M&Ms stashed in your desk, but by simply replacing this with a big bag of almonds you will be saving yourself an obscene amount of sugar and fat. And don’t try to tell me that almonds have fat therefore they aren’t good to eat: yes, they have fat but it is the kind of fat that your body honestly needs. 

three. {Apples} An apple a day keeps the doctor away: a true statement. The great things about this fruit is that they are naturally sweet-great for that sweet tooth that has been nagging at you. Pair an apple with some cheese slices or natural peanut butter and you’re all set! 

four. {Spinach} You’re natural instinct to spinach may likely be “why would I ever choose to eat spinach, voluntarily?”. We are only human, and unfortunately we are kind of programmed to cringe at spinach. However, spinach can be made super delicious with two simple additions: cheese and turkey slices. Wrap the cheese are turkey inside the spinach and it turns from being a bland bunch of greens to being a seriously tasty snack. 

five. {Black Beans} I love black beans. So much so that they have made their way onto my top 10 favorite food list. It’s so easy: open a can, enjoy the vegetarian goodness. Throw some in with scrambled egg whites and salsa for a satisfying breakfast, load up a brown rice wrap with a bunch of them, snack on them straight outta the can– whatever floats your boat! These beans are super versatile and help improve digestion, give you some fiber, and supply you with some serious protein. 

six. {Oatmeal} I’ve been eating Glutenfreeda Banana Maple Flax Oatmeal for breakfast for the past few weeks, and I have to say, I have never felt more energized throughout the day than when I start it with oatmeal. All that is required is some gluten free oats, water, and a microwave. It doesn’t get much easier. 

seven. {Avocado} Another one of my favorites. Like black beans, this creamy green fruit has oodles of healthy fats you need. Slice some as a toast topper, dice it up into an omelette, or mash it up with something spicy for guacamole. YUM

eight. {Berries} Step 1: Defrost mixed berries. Step 2: Put berries in a bowl. Step 3: Plop some fresh whipped cream on top. Step 4: Devour without guilt, only joy. 

nine. {Eggs} I storm through a carton of eggs like nobody’s business. Eggs are cheap, versatile, easy to make, delectable, and a great source of protein! Fry one up in some olive oil and sea salt, scramble with veggies and cheese, boil a couple for a grab and go snack. In my book, eggs can do no wrong. 


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