Coconut Curry Chicken & Sweet Potato

It was a long day yesterday. An earlier-than-anticipated wake up call, back to back tests, and an unwelcome visit from Uncle T.O.M {girl code}. At about 4 pm, as I trudged through the hallway to my dorm room, a sweet yet spicy smell filled my nose. I poked my head in the kitchen to ask what was cooking, but alas, no one was in there. So, being my nosy self, I took it upon myself to take a looksie at what was the source of that marvelous smell. It was a big bubbling pot of Indian stew. And it smelled like heaven. And I decided that I wanted some Indian food. So I made some.

This is what I used {I took this picture before I decided to add some extra veggies on the side, but it’s just one of those $1 bags of frozen veggies from Whole Foods. No biggie.}

Coconut Curry Chicken & Sweet Potato
-1 Grilled Chicken Breast cut up into cubes (I recommend Bell & Evans Air Chilled Chicken Breasts)
-1 medium sweet potato
-1/4 + cup of Maya Kaimal’s Coconut Curry Indian Sauce (SOOOOOO GOOOOOD. Have this in your pantry.)
-A touch of olive oil
-Frozen vegetables (optional)

{1} Peel and cube the sweet potato, and put in boiling water OR skip to number 4 for the quicker way.

{2} Heat the already cooked chicken in the microwave to room temperature, then cube it.

{3} Put some olive oil in a pan and put the chicken cubes in over medium heat.

{4} If you have not yet started cooking the potato, put the cubed potato in the microwave for 5 minutes or until tender.

{5} Put a couple spoonfuls of the curry sauce in with the chicken and stir in until it is a bubbly liquid.

{6} Once the potato is tender, add it into the chicken and curry. You might need to add more curry at this point to coat the potato. This particular type of curry isn’t too spicy so don’t be afraid of adding more!

{7} Heat the mixture in the pan throughout.

{8} Put the optional frozen veggies in the microwave.

{9} Put the stuff on a plate.

{10} YUM

Daily Life

What Julie Ate: Week 2

Breakfast: Glutenfreeda Maple Banana Oatmeal
Lunch: Mixed plate at dining hall (kidney beans, boiled eggs, chickpeas, corn, peas, etc)
Dinner: Rice Pasta with sauce

Breakfast: Glutenfreeda Maple Banana Oatmeal with extra banana
Lunch: Black beans, onion, spinach scramble and an apple
Dinner: Organic Bistro Thai Curry with Chicken
Snack: Cracked Pepper chips with hummus

Breakfast: Glutenfreeda Maple Banana Oatmeal with extra banana
Lunch: Amy’s Kitchen Corn Tamale and Rice
Dinner: Mixed plate at dining hall
Snack: Protein shake, rice twice cereal, popcorn

Breakfast: Glutenfreeda Maple Banana Oatmeal
Lunch: Baked sweet potato, chicken breast, banana
Dinner: Chipotle chicken fajita burrito bowl


Cobra Corn: Bold Flavors for Adventurous Souls

As I’m sure a few of you know by now, I like my food spicy. I mean look at the recipes I’ve posted: Hellfire Curry Chicken, Spicy Southwestern Burger, and of course Spicy Chicken Tenders. I’ve got spice on the mind, and certainly on my taste buds after eating one of my new favorite spins on popcorn: Cobra Corn.

Cobra Corn is popcorn seasoned with a unique blend of Mumbai Masala spices, made with no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, MSG or maltodextrin, and no cholesterol. This flavorful snack also makes for a good source of fiber, it has 0g trans fats, and is of course, a gluten free food. As they put it, “you get an explosion of flavor without any junk.”

I was recently sent a bag of Cobra Corn from the founder, Mihir Shah, and I have to say- I was a little intimidated at first. Looking at the popcorn itself, you can definitely see the spice in there. I knew that it was either going to be A. a good amount of spice or B. an amount of spice that will make a grown man cry for his mother. Thankfully, this popcorn was leaning more on the side of A. The amount of spice applied to the popcorn was perfect for me. Maybe a little much for my friend Sarah who gets zero “spicy stars” at our local Thai joint, but for a 3 “spicy star-er” like myself, it was quite tasty indeed! The texture was what I had hoped it would be; fresh and crisp like it came right out of the microwave.

Seeing as popcorn is pretty much a staple that gets all students through their college years, there are those times where you want a quick and easy snack but regular old buttered popcorn just won’t do. So what do you do? Add some chocolate? Too messy. Add some salt? Not exciting enough. Add some peanut butter (an old snacking trick me and my roommate discovered)? Too many calories. Add some spice… just the ticket.

Check out where you can get some Cobra Corn near you! 

Daily Life, Haul

Gluten Free Frozen Meals: A Revelation.

Seeing as I’ve been away at school for the past two weeks, I’ve been cooking a lot of meals. Probably about two or three a day, plus snacks. I enjoy cooking, but there are those times where I would much rather plop down with a ready-to-go hot meal and watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians than be slaving away in the kitchen. For most of my life (both pre-gfree and post-gfree), I’ve looked down at microwavable frozen dinners, thinking of them as boxes filled with sodium pumped, hormone injected, and calorie ridden “foods”. While this is the fact for most frozen meals, I shouldn’t have been so quick to rule off the entire clan of frozen meals.

If you’re wondering where all of this is coming from, I’ll tell you. I was bored the other day, so I decided to take a journey over to my nearby Whole Foods to see if I could find any new and interesting gluten free products to try out. As I was wandering down the produce aisle, I heard a grumbling plea for food sound from my empty stomach. I’d forgotten to eat lunch! I considered getting something from the store’s deli, but decided against it when I saw that I would probably end up with just a salad- BORING. So I meandered over the (usually) forbidden frozen dinner section. I walked down the aisle somewhat briskly, not expecting to find anything worth buying. But then, the heavens opened, the angels sang, and I saw the words “Gluten Free”, “Organic”, and “Vegan” next to each other. On a microwave dinner box. YES PLEASE. So naturally, I loaded up my grocery cart with an almost embarrassing amount of frozen dinners, hoping that all of it would fit in my small freezer space. Here’s what I got:

Organic Bistro: Thai Style Yellow Curry with Chicken 
Ingredients: water, cooked chicken breast, green beans, zucchini, carrot, coconut cream, edamame, quinoa, brown rice, red bell pepper, tamari sauce, spices, green onions, sugar, salt, citric acid, curry spice blend, garlic powder, green jalapeno chile ground. (all certified organic)

280 Calories.

Amy’s Tamale Verde w/ Black Beans
Non-Dairy, No Cholesterol, No Trans Fats, No Preservatives, Vegan, Gluten Free.
Ingredients: Water, organic tomatillos, organic onions, organic corn masa, organic black beans, organic brown rice, organic tomato puree, expeller pressed safflower oil, organic zucchini, organic corn, organic bell peppers, organic dried tomatoes, sea salt, evaporated cane juice, organic garlic, cilantro, spices, baking soda, jalapeno peppers, organic fire roasted poblano peppers, organic distilled vinegar, black pepper, organic balsamic vinegar.

330 Calories.

Amy’s Garden Vegetable Lasagna
Ingredients: Organic tomato puree, organic rice lasagna pasta, ricotta cheese, organic onions, organic broccoli, organic zucchini, organic carrots, organic peas, organic spinach, filtered water, Parmesan cheese, spices, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, organic garlic, organic evaporated cane juice, organic basil, black pepper. 

290 Calories. 

Amy’s Thai Stir Fry
Ingredients: Organic jasmine rice, coconut milk, organic onions, organic broccoli, organic tofu, organic red and yellow bell peppers, organic carrots, organic cabbage, organic yellow zucchini, organic cilantro, filtered water, organic tapioca starch, organic red jalapenos, organic garlic, organic tamari, organic toasted sesame seed oil, sea salt, organic ginger, expeller pressed high oleic safflower oil, spices, black pepper. 

310 Calories. 

Amy’s Teriyaki Bowl
Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice, organic broccoli, organic tamari, organic tofu, pineapple juice, organic green beans, organic evaporated juice, mushrooms, organic carrots, water chestnuts, organic bell peppers, organic lemon juice, filtered water, organic ginger, organic sesame seed oil, organic cornstarch, organic garlic, expeller pressed safflower oil, spices, black pepper. 

290 Calories.

Reviews Coming Soon!!


Get Your Hummus Ready.

It’s hard to find a decent bag of gluten free chips and crackers these days that aren’t paper thin and don’t taste like salted cardboard. I’d pretty much given up on even buying gluten free crackers or chips for two reasons:  1. They usually don’t taste good enough to be worth the calories and 2. They usually do absolutely nothing for you, nutritionally.

That being said, I am happy to say that I have recently regained my trust in chip/cracker food companies. One in particular: Mediterranean Snack Foods.

Mediterranean Snack Foods makes mediterranean style snacks that are all natural, gluten free, a good source of fiber and iron, and contain about 70% less fat than your average potato chips! Huzzah!

I was able to try out some of their chips: Cracked Pepper, Parmesan Garlic, and Sea Salt, and some of their crackers: Cracked Pepper, Rosemary Herb, and Sea Salt


Sea Salt: Tastes like a lighter version of a pita chip- great all natural flavor with the slight taste of lentil.

Parmesan Garlic: A true garlic lover’s delight. These are super flavorful, making this flavor a great snack with or without hummus.

Cracked Pepper: Probably my favorite! I was nervous about this one because sometimes pepper-flavored-anything can be a little too…. peppery. So much so that it almost makes you sneeze with every bite. Not the case with this one. The slight addition of pepper spices up the flavor just the right amount.


Rosemary Herb: If you like herbs, definitely give this one a try. If you don’t like herbs, give it a try anyways.

Sea Salt: Like a pita chip! I can’t wait to get some hummus and dig into these!

Cracked Pepper: Similar taste as the cracked pepper chip, just denser- would be great topped with tomato and cheese!

All in all, I’d recommend all the flavors! Never again will you have to face a boring chip or cracker! 

Find out where you can get some!
Check out their Facebook page!

Daily Life

What Julie Ate: Week 1

I was a dummy and didn’t actually think to write any of this down, so just bare with me while I sift through my memories of the past school week… Also keep in mind that I am not writing absolutely every last thing I ate because I really eat an obscene amount of food. There’s no way in heck that I could remember everything. We don’t have classes on Fridays, so I’m only including M-Th.

Breakfast: Glutenfreeda Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal with Banana + Almond Milk
Lunch: Sweet Potato Chips and Strawberry Banana Naked Juice
Dinner: Veggie Egg Scramble
Snacks: Chocolate Protein Shake, some popcorn, Udi’s slice with pb and jelly, grapes

Breakfast: Glutenfreeda Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal with Banana + Almond Milk
Lunch: Quesadilla with brown rice tortilla, monterey jack cheese, tomato, avocado, black beans, onion.
Dinner: Chicken, sweet potato, steamed spinach
Snacks: Lucy’s chocolate chip cookie(s), Naked Juice, trail mix, banana

Breakfast: Glutenfreeda Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal with Banana +Almond Milk
Lunch: Yogurt w/ Granola, Naked Juice
Dinner: Pizza dinner @ Beau Jo’s
Snacks: String cheese, grapes, banana, cookie(s)

Breakfast: You guessed it… Glutenfreeda Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal w/ Banana + Almond Milk
Lunch: Egg white scramble w/ various veggies
Dinner: Brown Rice Penne with tomato sauce and grilled chicken
Snacks: Chocolate protein shake, popcorn, Lentil crackers, banana


Simple Squares: Savory & Sweet in a Healthy Shape

I love me a good energy bar. I especially love it when I find a brand that makes their bars with real food ingredients. Real food… what a revelation. (sarcasm).  Larabars are great but let’s face it: we could use something a little more interesting. 

Simple Squares are truly unique in that they are nut and honey squares that are flavored with vibrant herbs and spices. These tasty squares are free of wheat, gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugars, and each flavor is made with only six or seven wholesome ingredients.


Rosemary: organic almonds, organic cashews, organic honey, unsweetened coconut, organic vanilla, sea salt, rosemary

I must say it is extremely refreshing to have a snack bar flavored something other than “Chocolate Crunch” or “Peanut Butter Brownie”. Simple Squares’ rosemary flavor has a taste that I haven’t experienced before: sweet honey and blended nuts with an aftertaste of rosemary. This combination is fresh, inspired, and tastes healthy without sacrificing a really yummy flavor.

Coconut: organic almonds, organic cashews, organic honey, unsweetened coconut, organic vanilla, sea salt

The coconut flavor is probably my favorite flavor (after Cinnamon which, I believe, is not yet released for sale… I feel so VIP having tried it). As much as I try to fight it, I do have a crazy sweet tooth. Looking at the ingredients in this flavor, you can see that it is basically the same recipe as the rosemary flavor except that the rosemary is left out, making coconut the standout flavor. I would recommend the coconut bars to anyone who prefers a more “safe” or simple flavor, along with those with a sweet tooth!

Sage: organic almonds, organic cashews, organic honey, unsweetened coconut, organic vanilla, sea salt, sage

This flavor is very similar to the rosemary bar in that the addition of the herb makes for a unique blend of ingredients. A unique, but very tasty blend, that is! This would be great for any lover of fresh and savory flavors.

The Verdict

Gluten Free-er’s Opinion (mine): Great for sweet and savory tooths (tooths? teeth? toothers?) alike! I love that all of the ingredients in these bars are organic, wholesome, and real! No guessing games with these squares: they’ve got nothing to hide!

Non Gluten Free-ers Opinion (my roommate): “My favorite by far was the coconut! It’s something that I would definitely purchase and buy again! The rosemary and sage were really great too, but I would go for the coconut flavor.”

Two thumbs way up! 

Well, there you go! Go on and order some for yourself, won’t you?