G-Free Dorm: Grocery Haul

What I bought: 

Whole Foods

2 tomatoes
3 boxes Kettle Cuisine soups
1 onion
2 loaves Udi’s gluten free bread
1 can green beans
1 can corn
1 can pasta sauce
6 cans black beans
1 box grilled chicken breasts
2 bags brown rice penne
1 bag almonds
1 container chocolate protein powder
4 boxes almond milk
1 bottle olive oil
2 dozen eggs
1 block monterey jack cheese
1 bag shredded cheese
1 package rice tortilla wraps
2 bags Babybel cheese snacks
1 bottle mayonnaise
1 box butter
4 Larabars

1 box single serving popcorn
1 jar salsa
2 jars peanut butter
1 jar jelly
6 boxes Glutenfreeda maple banana oatmeal
2 packages Hormel turkey 
1 bunch bananas
2 Hass avocados
1 bag red grapes
1 onion
2 medium sweet potatoes
1 bag spinach
1 container pre-sliced baby mushrooms


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