Erewhon Cereals: Feel Good from the Inside Out

It is rare that I ever have cravings for my old gluten-y food favorites. As many of you can attest for, gluten is poison in a celiac’s eyes making it hard to intensely crave that Krispy Kreme donut or slice of pie, knowing the consequences that would follow eating one. HOWEVER, about a month ago, I found myself craving Special K with strawberries. This hasn’t ever been one of my favorite foods, but as I passed the red and white boxes while browsing the grocery store aisle, I found myself craving a big ol’ bowl of the stuff. Enter Erewhon Cereal…

Erewhon gluten free cereals is a branch within Attune Foods; a food company based around the idea of eating foods made from simple, real ingredients in order to feel our best. Their gluten free cereals are made from organic brown rice or organic corn and are certified gluten free by GIG.
I was sent the flavors Strawberry Crisp and Rice Twice-both great! The Strawberry Crisp reminds me of said Special K cereal- except of course, safe for us gluten free-ers! The flakes seemed to wilt faster in the milk than normal “flake” cereals do, but this could just be due to the fact that gluten free foods in general, tend to be less sturdy than their gluten filled counterparts. This didn’t stop me from enjoying it, though!
The Rice Twice flavor actually had much more flavor than I expected. I was anticipating something along the lines of Rice Krispies, but the flavor somewhat reminded me of Honey Smacks- a pleasant surprise! This is due to the organic brown rice syrup and honey added to the rice puffs. The flavor is not overly strong or sweet, so this is a great cereal for those who enjoy lighter cereals.
I might also mention that I give major kudos to a gluten free cereal manufacturer for making a gfree cereal with some actual healthy benefits. Many gluten free cereals these days seem to be made with just rice flour and sugar. Gluten free? Yes. Healthy? Not so much. Erewhon Cereals are made with 100% Whole Grains and contain absolutely no mystery ingredients. Yay!
Cereal is a great addition to any dorm food stock. It’s quick, easy, (usually) inexpensive, and (usually) tasty! Check and see if Erewhon cereals are sold in stores around you, and give it a try!

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