Cobra Corn: Bold Flavors for Adventurous Souls

As I’m sure a few of you know by now, I like my food spicy. I mean look at the recipes I’ve posted: Hellfire Curry Chicken, Spicy Southwestern Burger, and of course Spicy Chicken Tenders. I’ve got spice on the mind, and certainly on my taste buds after eating one of my new favorite spins on popcorn: Cobra Corn.

Cobra Corn is popcorn seasoned with a unique blend of Mumbai Masala spices, made with no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, MSG or maltodextrin, and no cholesterol. This flavorful snack also makes for a good source of fiber, it has 0g trans fats, and is of course, a gluten free food. As they put it, “you get an explosion of flavor without any junk.”

I was recently sent a bag of Cobra Corn from the founder, Mihir Shah, and I have to say- I was a little intimidated at first. Looking at the popcorn itself, you can definitely see the spice in there. I knew that it was either going to be A. a good amount of spice or B. an amount of spice that will make a grown man cry for his mother. Thankfully, this popcorn was leaning more on the side of A. The amount of spice applied to the popcorn was perfect for me. Maybe a little much for my friend Sarah who gets zero “spicy stars” at our local Thai joint, but for a 3 “spicy star-er” like myself, it was quite tasty indeed! The texture was what I had hoped it would be; fresh and crisp like it came right out of the microwave.

Seeing as popcorn is pretty much a staple that gets all students through their college years, there are those times where you want a quick and easy snack but regular old buttered popcorn just won’t do. So what do you do? Add some chocolate? Too messy. Add some salt? Not exciting enough. Add some peanut butter (an old snacking trick me and my roommate discovered)? Too many calories. Add some spice… just the ticket.

Check out where you can get some Cobra Corn near you! 


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