Coconut Curry Chicken & Sweet Potato

It was a long day yesterday. An earlier-than-anticipated wake up call, back to back tests, and an unwelcome visit from Uncle T.O.M {girl code}. At about 4 pm, as I trudged through the hallway to my dorm room, a sweet yet spicy smell filled my nose. I poked my head in the kitchen to ask what was cooking, but alas, no one was in there. So, being my nosy self, I took it upon myself to take a looksie at what was the source of that marvelous smell. It was a big bubbling pot of Indian stew. And it smelled like heaven. And I decided that I wanted some Indian food. So I made some.

This is what I used {I took this picture before I decided to add some extra veggies on the side, but it’s just one of those $1 bags of frozen veggies from Whole Foods. No biggie.}

Coconut Curry Chicken & Sweet Potato
-1 Grilled Chicken Breast cut up into cubes (I recommend Bell & Evans Air Chilled Chicken Breasts)
-1 medium sweet potato
-1/4 + cup of Maya Kaimal’s Coconut Curry Indian Sauce (SOOOOOO GOOOOOD. Have this in your pantry.)
-A touch of olive oil
-Frozen vegetables (optional)

{1} Peel and cube the sweet potato, and put in boiling water OR skip to number 4 for the quicker way.

{2} Heat the already cooked chicken in the microwave to room temperature, then cube it.

{3} Put some olive oil in a pan and put the chicken cubes in over medium heat.

{4} If you have not yet started cooking the potato, put the cubed potato in the microwave for 5 minutes or until tender.

{5} Put a couple spoonfuls of the curry sauce in with the chicken and stir in until it is a bubbly liquid.

{6} Once the potato is tender, add it into the chicken and curry. You might need to add more curry at this point to coat the potato. This particular type of curry isn’t too spicy so don’t be afraid of adding more!

{7} Heat the mixture in the pan throughout.

{8} Put the optional frozen veggies in the microwave.

{9} Put the stuff on a plate.

{10} YUM


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