Baking for Good: The Modern Day Bakesale

Hello, my lovelies! Long time, no talk! I could start this post off by giving you some lame excuses as to why I haven’t been writing much lately (school, work, Vampire Diaries cough cough), OR we could just get to the fun part… I’m gonna go for the later.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think “bake sale”?
In fantasy-land this is the image that should come to mind:

Charming… but where the eff is the food? (Im just bitter that I could never achieve this)
But all the bake sales I’ve ever been to (or have had) looked more like this
You can bet your bonnet that this food will taste better.

These examples are both great and good…. if you are A) Not avoiding gluten like the plague or B) A 10 year old girl. What about the rest of us, huh? Huh?? Where’s our bake sale? Well, I’ll tell you where.

It’s online.
 Baking for Good is the modern day bake sale. You can order all sorts of (customizable) goodies, making for a great gift for a loved one, or just all for yourself. But best of all, 15% of your purchase goes to a charity of your choice, hence the name “Baking for Good”! Love it!

This company was launched in September of 2009 by ex-management consultant Emily Dubner. Her fond memories of bake sales, lemonade sales, car washes, and school fundraising inspired her to create this ingenious business that not only allows people to order delicious (and darling) boxes of baked goodies but it also gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing that you have given to a good cause. Baking for Good is currently partnered with over 200 non-profits and community causes, letting customers choose to donate to any cause whether it be animal shelters and the arts to human rights and hospitals. And of course, this would not be on my blog unless they offered gluten free goodies for us Celiacs! They have a selection of dairy free, gluten free, and vegan cookies for us oddballs!
Vegan Granola
Vegan Chocolate Chip
Gluten Free Peanut Butter
Gluten Free Chocolate Cookies
Gluten Free Citrus Cookies
       Baking for Good uses only the finest all natural, organic, locally grown and seasonal ingredients, so you can bet you bottom dollar that these cookies will be just dandy!
Check them out and get your hands of some of these tasty treats at and be sure to follow them on Twitter @Bakingforgood! Tell them The Campus Celiac sent you! =]



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