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Feeling Contemplative

I am sitting outside of my favorite coffee shop right now, waiting for inspiration. I haven’t been posting much blog content lately and it’s been bugging me because I’ve had the time- I just haven’t had ideas.
instead of just sitting here, trying to force out a decent (and relevant) blog post, I’m just gonna write about me. After all, it has been about a year since I started this blog, so we’re at that point in our relationship where we can get to know one another a little better!

This is me.

I’m nearing the end of my first quarter as a sophomore (second year) in college, as a major in Communications Studies and a double minor in Tourism Studies and Italian. So basically, I’m shaping out to be an Italian tour guide. But what I really want to do is public relations/marketing of some sort for a company along the lines of Google, Apple, or Pixar. (You can tell where my loyalties lie in the tech world). I want to live in a city apartment with a cute travel photographer boyfriend who can cook and sees my food issues as a charming quirk rather than as a nuisance, and I would like to have a cat named Mr. Pingleton or something established like that. Anything with Mr. in the front.

I have the best friends out there. My Seattle friends have been there with me from the beginning, and we pretty much never run out of things to do. Whether we are watching Disney movies surrounded by boxes of takeout Thai food, swing dancing at Century Ballroom, or huddled around a Denny’s booth at 3 am on a Tuesday, I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to be sharing my life with these great people. Of course, I haven’t known my Denver friends for as long, but they certainly have a very special place in my heart. With the flood of emotions that go through a college student’s mind in these stressful yet awesome times, it’s hard to not get close to people quickly. You know you have made good friends when they will go see the Justin Bieber movie with you despite the fact that we are nearing our 20’s, they will go out to parties with you then just end up going back to the dorms to watch a movie because we just aren’t good at partying, and they will cry with you when you are feeling overwhelmed and homesick.

Most of my work background is in floral design, which I just sort of fell into one day and ended up doing it for almost four years of my life, but I also have a background in social media marketing, event management, and of course, blogging. I am also a self proclaimed professional music finder. I’m that person who is constantly saying “I love this song!” when everyone else has never heard the song in their life. I’m not bragging- I just spend a shiz-load of time on the internet, finding new music. I have a playlist on my ITunes of songs that I still need to listen to and sort. This winter, I will be interning at a Seattle based magazine which is an accomplishment that I am really proud of. I will be shadowing the events/marketing manager so my work will mostly involve assisting at various events around the Seattle metropolitan area. Should be fun!

My sister is a senior at a college in Dallas, Texas and is a theater major. But not the obnoxious singing-and-monologuing-everyone-you-go type of theater major- the serious kind. She wants to do stage acting, and with the amount of success she’s had in being casted so far, I think she could really go far. My mom is an elementary school music teacher and an author of two- soon to be three books. I have honestly never met a teacher who is more dedicated to her profession or more invested in her students. Watching her teach makes me smile because I can tell that she is doing what she loves, and she truly excels at it. My dad has his own marimba building business- a marimba is an African instrument that is sort of like a giant wooden xylophone. Yes it’s random, but that’s why he does well (he’s the one you go to when you need a marimba). The fact that he took the risk of starting his own business-and found success in it, inspires me everyday. I know that if I don’t find the right company to work for, I can always do what I want to do by just creating my own business. Taking matters into my own hands is what keeps me interested.

My darling parents
 My sister, the actress

My favorite food is sweet potatoes in any form, I love running now because it’s something I couldn’t do when I was eating gluten, I hang up Christmas lights before Halloween has even happened, the scene in Juno right after the baby is born and “Sea of Love” plays makes me cry every time, I prefer rain over the sun, I am really bad at partying, I am a cat person, and I scowl anytime I have to use a Windows computer.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Contemplative

  1. Just found this blog, the Gluten Free College Kid, I don't know if you've heard about it but it seemed like it would be perfect for you: a gluten free college kid going to school in Colorado. (Still love your blog more!)http://theglutenfreecollegekid.tumblr.com/

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