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What to Get a Celiac for Christmas

It seems like Christmas is approaching at turbo-speed this year. I could have sworn that I just flew home from Denver for Thanksgiving yesterday, and now I find myself here- wrapping presents, drinking hot chocolate, and listening to Carol of the Bells… ok, more like the Justin Bieber Christmas album, but same thing.

This post might be a little late for most, but for you procrastinators out there, here’s a quick list of things that the celiac in your life would probably like having.

A Babycakes cupcake or two. Or five.

Every celiac who has the chance to travel to NYC should run straight to Babycakes NYC as soon as they de-board the plane. I’m telling you… this place is heaven, not only for celiacs but for anyone with a gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance, or a vegan diet. However, if you are like me, and do not have the money to simply fly over there whenever I want one of their delectable cupcakes, they offer delivery! Mind you, its expensive as hell considering it’s just a cupcake but it will probably mean the world to a celiac who a) has been addicted to their baked goodness since tasting it for the first time or b) just wants the chance to try a Babycakes baked goodie for themselves. I would suggest ordering your cupcake(s) just a couple days (max) before Christmas cause they send them as quick as possible, seeing as their baked goods have no preservatives.
I don’t really know if I would choose to wear this on any regular old day but it would actually be really funny for a gluten free convention/celiac convention, or just for sleeping. Either way, it would get a laugh out of me if I got this for a gift from someone.
Mind you, not all of us like tea. Including myself- I find if quite revoting, kind of like hot water that has been mixed with dirt and garbage juice. But thats just me. If you have a friend who orders tea at Starbucks on a regular basis, they would surely appreciate some nice tea for themselves. Tea also helps relieve some symptoms of being glutened for some people, so it might be nice to have on hand.
We celiacs have all had the awkward and unsettling experience of trying to explain the basics of celiac disease to a clueless waitress who has no idea what “gluten free” even means, let alone what celiac disease entails. With gluten free dining cards, all a person has to do is hand the waitress one of these cards that explains the basics about celiac disease (condensed of course), which is then taken to whoever is preparing the food. These cards even come in multiple languages- great for traveling!
An iPhone (or some other kind of smartphone)
So this one is definitely on the more expensive range, but it has features that could make all the difference for someone dealing with food allergies and complications. The internet connection of these phones is what I can see coming in handy. For example, impromptu trips to the store for cold medicine would be made less stressful, being able to Google search if certain medicines are gluten free. Requests to go out for dinner with friends would be simple, as one could just look up gluten free restaurants around their area. Not to mention various apps that are meant to help people struggling with a gluten intolerance/allergy/celiac disease.

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