Babycakes Gluten Free/Vegan Donuts

My dear friend, Sarah, gave me the “Babycakes Covers the Classics” recipe book for Christmas this year, and let me tell you… aside from Young the Giant concert tickets from my dad, this has got to be my favorite Christmas present from this year! Sarah and I went with my mom to NYC this past summer, and of course we couldn’t leave the city without taking a stop in Babycakes, arguably the top vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, and generally allergy-free bakery. I double fisted a pumpkin cupcake and a vanilla sprinkled donut and I fell in love with both at first bite.

Naturally, I couldn’t have been happier when I found out that the founder of Babycakes, and my heroErin McKenna, has written not just one but two fantastic (and super cute) recipe books, making it possible for even the most average gluten free college student such as myself to make the amazing Babycakes confectionaries in my own kitchen!

I recently tried out the plain cake donut recipe and it was a rousing success! While I won’t post the recipe itself (in hopes that you go grab a copy of the recipe book for yourself), I will give you some insight on the process of the baking-of-the-donuts as well as some tips and tricks along the way!
This is what you’ll need. And yes, I am aware that Nestle Chocolate Chips are not vegan but I’m not vegan either, so I’m going the cheap route. 
Bob’s Red Mill. 
Bob’s Red Mill. (whatta bargain!)
Bob’s Red Mill
This stuff is freakin’ expensive, but totes necessary. Getting this on Amazon in bulk next time.
Bob’s Red Mill.
Coming upon the measurement “1/8 tsp”. #firstworldproblems
It’s not fancy, it’s cheap, and it works. 

Takes baking to the next level.
Very similar to cake batter at this point- once all ingredients are fully incorporated. 
Oh and b.t.w, you will absolutely need one of these.
Fill it up with a bit of room at the top so it doesn’t overflow, but is a good sized donut.
Well, it will look better once its’ all cooked.
Well hey! Look who’s on the back of the Garbanzo flour!
Cinnamon sugar topping.
Be sure to do this topping procedure about 5 minutes after they pop out the oven so it sticks.
Aren’t they purrrrrty?!
This is what they should look like fully cooked. Slightly puffed, beige/brown colored.
Dad told me not to do it this way, but what can I say… I’m still in my teens, I’m gonna rebel. And it worked. HA Dad!
Ooooooh. I ate to many of these.
Keep stirring or else you’ll have some burnt chocolate which is no good at all. 
Vanilla glaze in the works. Glaze the donuts after letting them sit 15 minutes. They’ll be warm but not hot.
Please, please, use this nice under-belly side of the donut as the glazed top for maximum donut-attractiveness.
Dunk-ty dunk dunk with a light grip. 
Like a Krispy Kreme, I tell ya!
I regretted this, so I ate it. It was delicious, but ugly. 
The best.
Dunk the donut, give it a light twist, lift up, let it run a tad, place on a tray.
Homemade goodness.
Get in my belly. 

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