Daily Life

Catching Up

Annnnnnnnnnnd I’m back! Back to Denver, back to school, and (hopefully) back to a semi-steady blogging routine… I’m not gonna promise anything, considering my schedule can have days that are busy down to the last minute, and also days that I spend watching Gossip Girl in bed for hours on end. Like today. 

Oddly enough, I’m really happy to be back in school. While it is lots of fun to spend my life on Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, and oh, I guess with my friends and family, I love being productive and feeling busy. I also like having excuses to go hang out in hip coffee houses which is something I guess I could do sans-homework, but it would feel awkward to just sit there by my lonesome and creep on all the cute hipster coffee addict boys. Oh, my life.

I took on a fairly light load this quarter- luckily, as I get deeper into my college years, my courses gear more towards my Communications major and Tourism Studies minor and less towards math and science (ick) gen-ed requirements. I’m taking Communications & Popular Culture, 20th Century Italian Culture and History, Hydrology (requirement, NOT by choice), and Anthropology; Social Networking. So basically, 3/4 of my classes involve lots of media studies (movie watching and book reading), yay! And 1/4 of my classes make me want to die (*cough cough* science), but that’s all good- I have a friend in that class so we whine about it together and that makes it a little bit better.

As for the blog, I’m gonna try to regularly post quick recipes and tips that I pick up along the quarter. This whole gluten free thing gets easier with time but there are always new experiences and things to learn- I’ll keep you updated!


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