Ener-G; Taking the Boring Out of Restrictive Diets

      First off, let me start by saying the people of Ener-G are awesome. I contacted them about my interest in reviewing their products and in a matter of about 30 minutes they had emailed me back, asking what I wanted to try. I replied, letting them know that all I’d love to try just a couple snacky type things. I was expecting a small box to arrive with just a couple small bags of snacks. However, what I actually received in the mail was a quite large box which revealed to contain stacks upon stacks of glorious snacks. 

Luckily, I got all of this right before a Glee and New Girl viewing party so I was able to bring all of these with me and share them with a group of non-gluten free eaters, making this review a little more rounded (people who eat gluten on the regular tend to be more harsh critics of gluten free food so they are great for getting honest opinions)! 

First things I tried were the pretzels; fantastic! I think the Sesame Pretzels were my preference over the regular pretzels, as they were a bit saltier and I love me some salt! The regular pretzels were awesome as well, though- let’s just say the entire bag was gone after two hours of tv watching; eaten up by gluten-eaters! These are really perfect for a sack lunch, to put in a bowl at a party, or just for snacking on while studying.

Next up are the Cinnamon Crackers. I expected these to be a little crunchier, as they are called “crackers”. The consistency is sort of somewhere in between a cracker and a puff pastry (cooked of course). They are certainly tasty though! They kind of remind me of those giant elephant ears I used to get at the fair (deep fried dough, covered with cinnamon and sugar. NOT real elephant ears. I don’t encourage or endorse the consumption of elephants.) At 10 for 100 calories, these make a great, quick snack, dipped into some Greek yogurt, topped with fruit, or even just plain. 

Ok, this one is absolutely my favorite, hands down. In fact, I wish I had one in my hand right now. Biscotti is one of those random things that are a little more difficult to find in an allergen free variety, so I was really excited to get my hands on these babies. The kind that the fine people from Ener-G sent me is chocolate with cranberry and white chocolate chips! The cookie itself has that homemade dark chocolate cookie taste and combining that with the juicy cranberries and white chocolate chunks- fan.tas.tic. Try these. 

These chocolate chip snack bars are quite good. They taste like an extra-sweet chocolate chip cookie in bar form. At 160 calories, I might not consider it the best snack, but great for a quick on the go pick-me-up or a good replacement for a candy bar. It is a little overly sweet for me (I prefer low-to-medium sweetness level), but I’ve definitely been nibbling off of these- after all… who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? 

Well, speak of the devil- chocolate chip cookies! Technically, chocolate chip potato cookies, but I prefer to leave the “potato” part out just cause it makes me think it will taste weird. But these taste quite good! The cookie is texture-wise, somewhere between crumbly and soft with an ample supply of chocolate chips. These are great when warmed in the microwave for about 20 seconds and topped with some Justin’s Chocolate Peanut Butter. Yum Yum Yum! 

All in all, I would call Ener-G one of my new favorites. I didn’t know much about them before sampling their products, but now that I have, I can say that I will certainly come back for more!

You can find their products at Kroger and Whole Foods stores nationwide, as well as at several regional chains and international chains. 


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