Enjoy Life; Crunchy Cookies

I’m officially an Enjoy Life super fan. They were nice enough to send me four boxes of delicious cookies from their new crunchy cookie line, and if someone gives me tasty gluten free cookies, I consider them my friend. So basically me and the people of Enjoy Life are BFFs now. They make some flippin good cookies.

Literally every flavor is amazing in their own individual way (they have Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Sugar Crisp, and Vanilla Honey Graham) and I can’t seem to get enough. Let’s just say those 11 pounds I unexpectedly lost last week are slowly getting gained back in the best way possible.

Let’s take a closer look…

Everyone loves a good chocolate chip cookie, right? As said by my mom “They taste just like regular cookies!”. Words of wisdom spoken, indeed. I think I ate the whole box in like 3 days. I regret nothing and have no shame, by the way.
These remind me of those delicious brownie-cookie type things that I used to be able to eat B.G (before gluten). Of course, these have the crunchy texture rather than the soft brownie type texture, but I actually prefer it. There is something oh-so satisfying about crunching into a perfect chocolate cookie.
So simple, yet so delicious. These guys have really grasped the concept of less is more- the basic ingredients of this cookie is a simple flour mix, cane juice, and cane sugar for the sweetness. The simple and natural ingredients in this cookie really makes all the difference: I love the fact that it doesn’t taste overly processed and chemically altered like many sugar cookies do.
It’s like a graham cracker had a baby with a sugar cookie- a delicious baby! The honey flavor is subtle enough to not taste like straight up…well, honey. I don’t think a honey cookie would taste very good, but maybe that’s just me. Either way, the honey taste is nice and light with the graham flavor really making this cookie. I wonder how it would taste with some chocolate and a toasted marshmallow in the middle. mmmmmmmm

All of the Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies are…

Zero Trans Fat

No Artificial Ingredients





Casein Free

Getch’yo self some and share them with friends… or not. 


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