Daily Life

Study Break

It’s that time of the quarter, once again… finals. Duhn duhn duhnnnnnnnn. That time where I find myself forfeiting hours of Pinterest and Facebook to study in cozy corners of coffee shops from sun up to sun down. Lucky for me (being possibly the worst test taker west of the Mississippi), the majority of my final work is essay writing. I finished my anthropology paper (about the social networks of blogging) last weekend, which I am thanking myself for now, and my Italian culture paper is a work in progress– I’d forgotten how much more difficult paper writing is when you really haven’t quite wrapped your head around what you’re trying to say. I’m a little all over the place with that one, but I have a feeling that it’ll work out, eventually. I have two final exams: Hydrology and Communications in Popular Culture. The pop culture one’s gonna be easy-peasy, I think. With the amount of television that I watch and magazines I read, I’m pretty much a pro at any pop-culture. The hydrology one, on the other hand…well, we’ll see. Positive thoughts!

Gluten Free Scone from Wash Perk!
Any questions about Italian film history? Shoot ’em my way.

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