NFCA: Gluten Free College Series

This past week I had the great honor of being one of several guest bloggers for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness’ new Gluten Free College series! I absolutely loved having this awesome opportunity to partner up with NFCA, as it is one of the first resources I used myself when I was first diagnosed. My fabulous fellow bloggers include the fantastic:

Saara Aziz of The Gluten Free Student Cookbook

Candice Clifford of Embrace G-Free

Meredith Graham of Gluten-Free College Girl

Shelby Kaho of One Hurdle at a Time

MC of Gluten Free Froggie

Jessica Pauley of Jessi’s Gluten Free World


Janelle Pugh of Gluten Free for a Healthy Me

and shout out to the awesome Wendy Kaho from Celiacs in the House for recommending me as a guest blogger!

I absolutely loved being a part of this. Not only could I potentially be helping other college celiacs in need of information, but I have been able to connect with my fellow college gluten free bloggers- it’s always an awesome thing to connect so well with people who you have never actually met in person! Ah, the beauty of technology.

Check out my post!


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