Sunshine & Namaste


The spring dress is making a long due appearance

Spring weather has decided to make a (hopefully long term) appearance here in Denver. Classes become more difficult to sit through, fraternity brothers bring out the inflatable pools and lose their shirts, summer dresses are disclosed from the backs of closets, and afternoons consist of kicking around a soccer ball or simply taking a stroll around campus.

Weather like this makes me want to spend more time outside frolicing about and less time inside, slaving away over a hot stovetop. I knew that I wanted pasta for dinner tonight as I would be taking on a rather intense gym session later on (need to get my carbohydrate on) but as we all know, pasta isn’t always the quickest dish to whip up. So what was I to do???

Enter Namaste Food’s Taco Pasta

The whole meal literally took like 10 minutes, tops.

ImageThe pasta was so simple to make: it’s one of those dishes that would be harder to mess up than make perfectly. All it involves is boiling the shell pasta (which goes quick since it is thin and small pasta), then mixing the cooked pasta in a bit of heated oil, spices (included in the pasta bag), and whatever else you’d like to add. I chose to add black beans since I have about 5 million cans of the stuff in my food shelves, along with a side of some Wholly Guacamole I had on hand. To balance out the spice a bit, I whipped up a lil’ fruit salad using some strawberries, blueberries, and an apple I jacked from the dining hall downstairs. What can I say, college brings out my inner rebel.

It all turned out to make quite a tasty dinner! The pasta is spicy enough for flavor, but is mild enough for those more weary of intense spice. I was in and out of the kitchen in less that 15 minutes total, allowing me to get back out there in the sun as soon as I could! I’m proud to say that I’ve developed slight but existent tan lines on my feet in the shape of Toms shoes. Yay for awkward feet discoloration- a true sign of the turn of the season!

Try out Namaste Food’s Taco Pasta for yourself- you won’t regret it!


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