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Company Cafe, Dallas TX


I was in Dallas this weekend for my dear sister’s college graduation! Whaaaaat??!! When did we grow up??

Despite its’ slightly crummy weather, Dallas proved to be a pretty happening place. I’ve been there before a few times, but I’ve only been there one other time since going gluten free and during that one time I stayed at my sister’s apartment living off of scrambled eggs and Pinkberry frozen yogurt so I had yet to truly explore Dallas’ gluten free scene. May I say that I was pleasantly surprised. Lots of options not only for gluten free diners but generally allergen free diners, vegetarians, and even raw vegans.

I was there over Mother’s Day, so we celebrated nice and proper by getting a delightful brunch at my new favorite spot in Dallas- Company Cafe. My sister’s boyfriend works here and was able to recommend it to us, knowing that I’m gluten free and am therefore, always looking for places that I can eat safely without sacrificing good food for everyone else in the party.

It was fantastic. You know you’ve come upon a safe haven restaurant when their menu places asterisks next to the items that canNOT be made gluten free, and everything else in naturally gluten free. When I decided to order the waffles- labelled on the menu as “gluten free waffles”, I asked my sister’s boyfriend if they cook the waffles in the same iron as the regular gluten-y waffles. To my delight, he informed me that they don’t even make regular waffles there- only gluten free! Basically, I didn’t even have to mention a word about my Celiac Disease aka “gluten allergy” to anyone, giving me a feeling of normalcy and relaxation that celiacs rarely experience in restaurants.

The waffles were just what I was craving-paired with the unlimited pomegranate mimosas that they just kept bringing out-it was the perfect way for me to kick off the hell week that I would be experiencing at school in the following days.

If you are in the Dallas area, I highly recommend that you check out Company Cafe!


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