Daily Life

Another One Bites the Dust

Well, friends, I don’t know how I found myself here. Another year of college has come and gone and I am now approaching my junior year which just so happens to involve, oh, just a little trip to ROME TO STUDY ABROAD FOR 3 MONTHS. I’m excited, if you couldn’t tell by my obnoxious capitalization.

Yes, I will be living, learning, and of course eating in Roma from mid-August to mid-December.

Or should I say “mi piace”…molto. I’m going to be a student at the American University of Rome which is in the historic Trastevere district of the city. I’ll be living in a Roman-style apartment (meaning it will be smaller than my pinky toenail) with a few other girls who will probably be other study abroad students. Due to the fact that the course credits I will be taking over there will not carry over towards my Communications major, I pretty much get to sign up for whatever the heck I want-which in my opinion, is how a study abroad experience SHOULD be. I mean, who wants to spend their whole time in another country sitting in the computer lab, slaving away over uninteresting homework? Not this chicka.

Of course, every rose has its’ thorn. Studying abroad will probably be one of the best experiences of my life, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy mentally, physically, or emotionally. Mainly, I’m not looking forward to how much I will miss my friends. I’ll be back in Denver come January since I’m studying abroad in the Fall, but several of my friends decided to study abroad in the Spring, meaning I won’t see these people until we are SENIORS. I said goodbye to these people (I am horrible at goodbyes), and I told myself that I wouldn’t get emotional because after all, we can still Skype and talk via Facebook. But as I left from saying my goodbyes, I couldn’t help by get a lump in my throat. The reality of college set in: there will come a day very soon where we will all go our separate ways and these people who have been major parts of my life for the past couple of years will become a part of my past. Of course, I’m planning on keeping in touch with them but it just won’t be the same- I won’t be able to run down the hall and see them all in a matter of seconds.

(most of) my beautiful friends


I guess it just puts things into a bit of perspective and it makes me further appreciate and cherish the times that we’ve all had together and the memories that we will make in the future. Life is a series of changes and with that comes the truth that that there will constantly be people who move in and out of our lives. But no matter what, they will always be my friends with whom I’ve shared so many good times with- and not even the tricks of time can take that away.


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