Daily Life

A Lazy Day Post + Free Music!

Today I had to go to a meeting at the Vice Consolate of Italy’s office today in order to get my student visa situation sorted which meant that I got the rest of my Tuesday off. This calls for a much needed lazy day!

This afternoon, I was lying on the couch, looking for new blogs to get inspiration off of and I came upon a lovely jem called Nectar and Light. It isn’t a gluten free blog by any means, but what stuck out to me on this blog was the list of songs compiled after almost every post. When I decided that I wanted to start a blog, I legitimately considered writing a music blog but decided otherwise because A) I would probably have more to say about being gluten free in college as I experience this first hand, and  B) those music bloggers are cut throat and scary. Gluten free bloggers are approachable and friendly.

Anyways, I’ve been contemplating the possibility of adding free mp3s to the end of my posts- songs that will sort of fit the mood of whatever I’m posting about, and will also just be great songs that I generally recommend. I’ll only link mp3 downloads that have been offerred for free by the artists themselves: nothing will be illegal or sketchy, so download away! Just be warned however that I might forget to link songs on occasion, or I might just be too lazy one day to configure the links.  But at least I’ve got the right intentions, yes?

To kick things off, I’m linking a few rainy-day, lazy-day esque tunes that will get you feeling chill as a cucumber like I am on this rainy Washington summer afternoon.

Just follow the links and press the “download” button on the upper right corner. 

Mile in My Shoes– Acoustic Truth

Where Is My Mind-Sunday Girl 

Sweater Weather-The Neighbourhood


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