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“Coffee And…”

FOREWORD: I was too busy being in a tizzy today to have time to bother with taking pictures of my food, so there are no relevant pictures to go with this post today. To make it up to you, here’s a picture of a cat in a cup:

Happy? Ok, good.

I work in the Downtown Seattle area, so when I read a blurb in Seattle Met Magazine about a new gluten free bakery called “Coffee And…” that was only a couple of blocks away from the office I couldn’t get there fast enough. Considering the place was supposedly only a 5-or-so minute walk away, I left the office with confidence that I could find it fairly easily without extensively looking at directions. Falsehood.

To put things into perspective, I left the office at noon and literally didn’t get to the darned place until 1:30. I always feel so cool walking around Seattle like the semi-local that I am amongst all the dazed and confused tourists. But today I found myself wandering around, searching high and low for this illusive gluten free bakery, just like all the tourists I normally scoff at. It was hot, my feet were tired of being stuffed in my too-small flats, and my stomach was an empty pit howling to be fed. But I was determined. I had a Seattle-savvy reputation to hold, after all.

When I finally found the place hidden away in an awkwardly sideways storefront, I was slightly disappointed to see a rather limited selection of baked goods in front of me. Plus the words “gluten free” were only written once, in very small lettering, making me wonder if this was even the right place (nearly giving me a hunger-induced heart attack). I ordered a banana walnut loaf slice and it was all bagged up and ready to go when I was alerted that I could only pay with cash… which I didn’t have. I swallowed my grumpiness, trekked my way to the nearest ATM, got a $20 bill, and came back to be at last united with my food. Needless to say, first impression= meh.

However! Everything was made up for the fabulous people working there and the delicious goodies I left the place with. The man and woman working there sincerely apologized for the cash-only debacle (which I have since forgiven considering they are still brand new, therefore working out kinks), and to make it up to me, they gave me a free muffin!

It was a savory muffin with feta, and I think something along the lines of tomato and basil. Whatever was in it, it was MUCHO DELICIOSO. As I walked to my bus stop, I ate the whole muffin (mind you, it was a moderately sized muffin) before I even made it to the next street over. Then, in a hungry craze, I dug straight into the banana walnut loaf which, while I would like a stronger banana flavor, was soft and tasty. The crunchy walnuts along the edge of the loaf were an excellent touch and added some nice consistency. It was so good that I ended up eating the whole (hefty) thing in the span of three blocks. Consider the fact that I was walking uphill at a fast paced stride in the heat, and you’ll understand why I felt like curling up in fetal position right there on the sidewalk. The food was fantastic but I ate a lot of carbs in very little time.

Overall, this was a bad situation turned good (something that seems to have become a pattern for me), and the adage “Determination pays off” proved to be truth. They’ll see me back soon, and maybe next time it won’t take me an hour and a half to get there.

You can go on your own wild goose chase and find “Coffee And…” at 1500 Western Ave Seattle, WA

Where Is My Mind-The Pixies (Bassnectar Remix)

Bust Your Kneecaps-Pomplamoose


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