Gluten Free (and vegan) Thin Mints


Today was a lazy day. I woke up around 9:30 am after snoozing for about 13 hours, watched the entire 2nd season of Portlandia, watched two episodes of Breaking Bad, did some baking (obviously the food kind, not the weed kind. Sorry, college has ruined the term”baking” for me), and now I’m curled up in front of the tube watching the last Harry Potter movie with full intentions to watch the Teen Choice Awards afterwards into the late hours of the evening. Fingers crossed that One Direction makes an appearance!


No, One Direction. YOU don’t know you’re beautiful.

I’m getting off topic…

Unfortunately, I rarely get around to baking as it is time consuming and often expensive to make something both gluten free and edible. But seeing as I’ve been too busy doing other things, it’s been a while since I’ve really tapped into my hands-on creative side. Perfect time for baking!

Since I was still in my pajamas with my hair still looking like a blind bird’s nest was too preoccupied, I sent my dear mother off to the grocery store to get me some specialty ingredients so that I could make a gluten free replica of my all-time favorite cookie: The Thin Mint. Us gluten-free folks are all too used to missing out on the Girl Scout cookie wave that hits America around spring time, and my Thin Mint cravings have recently taken over so I figured now is as good a time as ever to craft up some Girl Scout cookies of my own.

You’ll need:


This is how you do it. 


Little Garcon- Born Ruffians

Jacob- Kiersten Holine

Kilojoules- Freelance Whales


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