Contigo Modern Mexican-Seattle, WA

First it was cupcakes, then it was donuts, now I’m convinced that the food truck is bound to be the next big food craze. Just watch- in a month from now, you will be standing in line for a food truck and you’ll think to yourself, “Wow, Julie really saw this one coming! Is she a wizard?”

No, I’m not a wizard. I just really like food trucks, and I think that they are currently under-appreciated but will soon rise to glory.

If you happen to ever be in Seattle be sure to check out the Contigo Modern Mexican food truck:

Part of my part-time job as an office receptionist is to order lunch for the team every Wednesday. While it would be all too easy to simply order a sandwich platter from Quiznos every week, I try my best to keep things interesting when it comes time to order lunch. We have a couple gluten free eaters in the office, so every time I  order food, I ask about gluten free options. I was emailing several restaurants and food trucks from the downtown Seattle area and got a reply from Contigo saying that although the cost to bring out the whole truck for the lunch hour would be over my budget, they are 100% gluten free. Say WHAAAA??

With this news on top of their impressive Yelp rating, I decided that day that I had to go try it out for myself.

Yum yum yum yum.

My Contigo experience was great right off the bat. It was obviously the peak of lunch hour so the line was quite hefty. However, this did not phase the owner who promptly told all of us in the back, “be with you in one moment, lovelies”. I mean, once somebody has called you a “lovely”, you really can’t be annoyed by anything.

The line went pretty fast, and soon enough it was my turn. I partook in the sheer giddiness that happens when a Celiac can order literally anything from the menu as I ordered three tacos: chicken mole, carnitas rojas, and short rib.


My favorite had to be the short rib. The tender braised short rib, arugula, and onion jam won me over right away. It was love at first bite, if you will.

Track down the Contigo truck (via their Twitter or Facebook). Go forth and be merry.


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