I’m Cheating On This Blog…


I have to tell the truth about this- it’s been a heavy weight on my shoulders for the past few months and I’ve been anxious to tell you guys…

I’ve been writing another blog. 

To defend my actions, I will have you know that it is within an entirely different blogging realm so at least I’m not cheating within the gluten free territory. 

I’m writing a music tumblog (Tumblr blog, or at least that’s what I assume it means…I’m new to the lingo) that is simply about what I’m currently listening to. I can’t guarantee that you will discover any new coolster indie bands with names like “Margot and the Neutral So and So’s” or “Dracula Does Calculus” through my blog, but I would hope that you find something new that you enjoy. I know that for me, music is an extremely important part of my life and there is nothing I enjoy more than sharing what I have liked listening to. 

If you’re enjoy reading about music, listening to music, or talking about music (which I hope you are categorized within at least one of those), may I suggest in shameless self-promotion that you take a hop and skip over to A Chromatic Turn



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