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What Will 2013 Bring for The Campus Celiac?


Annnnnnnnd we’re back!

Rome was simply amazing and I can honestly say that I spent some of the best months of my life there. I was sure to throw my coins into the Trevi Fountain to ensure my return to the Eternal City.

The Campus Celiac has been on a serious hiatus what with being abroad and then being too busy stuffing my face and playing intense games of Scrabble with the family to bother posting anything. But I’m back for good now, and looking forward to what this gluten-free 2013 has to “dish” out! Yes, I’m integrating more food puns this year… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Aside from my more structured new year’s resolution (to film one second of every day then compile it into a video montage, like this guy did), I’ve been thinking over some of my goals for this blog. They include (but are not limited to):

-More brutally honest product reviews. Those Italians made me a cold woman. Ok, not really, but during my time over the pond I became convinced that constructive criticism is what makes the world go round.

-More interaction. I’m talking contests, give-aways, collaborations, etc.. More on that later.

-More personal stories. This blog isn’t only meant to be about my experience being gluten free. It’s also about my experience as a college student and rather than limiting myself to speaking only on things gluten free related, I want to demonstrate the freedom that celiacs have to live regularly everyday by practicing what I preach.

-More Twittering and Facebook-ing. Food pun Fridays, anyone?

-More gluten free related boards on my Pinterest account full of delicious recipes, health articles, gluten free cosmetics, and more!

-More college resource posts: organizational tools, stress relievers, distractions from homework/procrastination tools?

Welcome, 2013! We sure are glad to see you. especially after that 2012 scare.


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