Hold the Croutons, Add Chickpeas: Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas

Normally, when I think of snacking (which is often), I don’t think of chickpeas. The closest I ever get to snacking on those little Mediterranean nuggets is in the form of hummus paired with some sugar snap peas or corn chips. 

However, my routine snacking rituals were turned around when I received some enticing samples in the mail from Saffron Road; a halal food brand offering tons of gluten free snack and frozen food options. May I remind you that I’m a college student, therefore I live off of snacks and pre-made meals. 


While these crunchy chickpeas are marketed as snacks and I often find myself digging into a bag while I’m waiting for water to boil, toast to toast, or potatoes to roast (zing!), I’ve most enjoyed dropping these guys into my daily salads to provide a last minute crunch to an otherwise “meh” salad. 

My favorite flavor has to be the Bombay Spice variety, which reminds me of Willy Wonka’s mythical 3-course meal bubblegum since my mouth tastes like I just ate a full delicious Indian meal after munching on a handful. Second favorite is the Falafel which is only a fitting flavor for chickpeas (although I might rather have some hummus than just the chickpeas). Unfortunately I cannot say good things about the adventurous Wasabi flavor but that is only due to the fact that there is nothing I hate more than wasabi. Really. It’s right up there with closed-minded people and paper cuts. 

After trying one, my face distorted with the discomfort of that familiar potent gasoline-y sensation. I gave the Wasabi chickpeas to my landlady and she seemed to like them. 

Despite my brief Wasabi-induced seizure, I can honestly say that I fully endorse these chickpeas as a healthy and tasty snack, salad topper, or landlady re-gift.

Want to try some for yourself?

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