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Looking for Internships?

It’s about that time of the year again when the (sometimes) violent search for the perfect summer internship commences. Eager youth fight tooth-and-nail to get that coveted spot that won’t only pay but will allow them to a) meet celebrities, b) get free access to otherwise exclusive things, or c) get free food from the office kitchen. Let’s face it, that’s all we people want in life, right?


Let’s face the honest facts that The Hills did not actually represent any internships that 99.9% of us will end up with. Sadly, we won’t be sitting around an office filled with enough mini dresses and pumps to achieve hoarder-status whilst gossiping about whose cheating on whom making this face at least every 2 minutes:


Frankly, I’m okay with that.

While many companies will post their internship openings over the next few months, of which you can directly apply to through their website, don’t shy away from cold calling (nowadays cold emailing) a company that you are really interested in. These days companies truly value a persons’ self-starter attitude which can be best flaunted through a well structured email including 1) who you are 2) what you are interested in doing for their company 3)why you are qualified 4) a thought out cover letter and resume 

Whatever you do, just attempt to create that tough balance between selling yourself as a potential employee versus straight up bragging about yourself.

If you’re not so much into the cold email approach (it’s okay- it’s not for everyone), don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to track down those internships you so covet…

Twitter. Ok so, if you’re going for an internship in mechanical engineering this might not be as pertinent. But for the rest of us, it is becoming increasingly appealing to employers for us to have Twitter accounts. Not only can we show our creative/witty/I’m a normal person, not-a- psycho-so-please-hire-me side, but we can also utilize a Twitter account to network with potential employers. Hint: search the hashtag “#internship” often– something might come up in the general Twitter feed that could spark your fancy. *If you do plan to use your Twitter for professional purposes, please leave off those pictures of you being inebriated last Saturday night. Or leave them- some companies might be into that sort of thing and maybe you should be working for them.

Become a Google master. Simply Google any company that you’ve ever admired or had any spark of interest in, with the word “careers” or “internships” after. For example, I love the website Air Bnb since it’s a great idea and a really cool service… hmmmm, I wonder if they would be as cool a place to work. Let’s Google “air bnb jobs”… Oh, look! Their offices look like tiki huts and they boast giving the best high fives in town…. This could be the beginning of tracking down an awesome internship through some simple Googling.

Use a site like Internmatch.com or UrbanInterns.com to narrow your search and have a nice, neat search engine devoted to finding internships that will be fitting for your criteria.

Look for unique outside sources for job postings. I read the blog The Everygirl, and they have an entire section on their blog devoted to job and internship openings that may be of interest to their niche readers. Follow blogs that are interesting to you, and you never know- you might get the advantage of hearing about openings first. Plus, being able to tell the employer how you found out about the opening through reading a blog sounds ultra scholarly and intern-worthy. Look how hip and up-to-date you are with the modern world!

These are obviously mostly geared towards people who probably have similar career aspirations as myself since a person interested in molecular science or bull riding would probably approach this an entirely different way. But for the rest of you, I wish you luck in your search unless you want the same internship as me .  😉


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