I’m Going Vegan.

Image Last night, in those serene moments before one drifts off into the oblivion off sleep, I made the decision to go vegan for the entire month of April. Not for any real reason other than the fact that I want to try something new and challenging- in the case of veganism, I will be challenged but will also be doing something positive for the environment and for my body.

And so, as all good Internet-nerd-foodies do, I will be blogging the experience and hopefully getting some advice and recommendations from my vegan readers along the way (but actually… I need help…I require advice)

As someone who has been 100% gluten free for nearly three years now, people might assume that going vegan will be simple since there are already so many restrictions within the gluten free/Celiac diet. FALSEHOOD. Eating gluten free is just a second nature thing for me at this point, as I’m sure is the case with you fellow celiacs reading, but veganism is an entirely new treacherous path coated in tofu, chia seeds, and kale (none of which I have ever consciously put in my meals).

I have a terrible feeling that after a couple of weeks of being vegan I might actually start to like it. I might even find myself wanting to continue my hippie ways long past my April commitment- one could say April may be just the vegan-ning of a long term breakup from animal sourced foods. Hehe. I told you there’d be more puns this year.

Until you fine folk forward me to some of your favorite vegan & gluten free blogs, here are some of the friendly faces I’m gonna get nice and cozy with next month:

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