I’m Legal!

Guess what guys?! 

I turned 21 on Wednesday! It’s a little weird to think that the next “landmark” birthday will be my 25th when I can officially rent a car… we all know how exciting that one is. 

As my birthday landed on a weekday night, I made plans with a good friend of mine to do some simple Buffalo Exchange shopping and then grab a quick dinner. We took a bus down to the part of town that we were going to get some food (Capitol Hill, for you Denver dwellers), and got there around 4:30, a good two hours before our dinner reservations. After we finished up our consignment shopping, we had some awkward time to kill. I told my friend that the restaurant would probably let us in early but she was adement about going to this used bookstore down the road. We went in and were browsing for a suspiciously long time, finding all kinds of bizarre books that only exist in used bookstores. I started to feel like something was up that my friend wasn’t telling me, and as 6:30 came around we headed over to the restaurant. 

We turned the corner into the restaurant and what do you know- ten of my best friends were in there waiting for me with balloons and a hilarious homemade edible arrangement!


We’ve got some serious Lydia the Lurker in the background.


I’ve never been surprised before so the sight of all those people there for me made my heart swell with happiness and gratitude for the amazing group of people I get to call my amigos.


Don’t I have a good-lookin’ group of buds?

I guess I ought to mention the restaurant we were at… It’s City o’ City, which is a very hip and urban organic restaurant with tons of gluten free and vegan options. I ordered my usual-the savory waffle-and got a complimentary potato vodka from our server. It was less of a shot and more of a sippy cup portion but like a true 21 year old, I downed the thing in two gulps. Potato vodka, as it turns out, is actually quite pleasant- it’s got a bit of a fruit juice flavor to it. Yum. 


A post-vodka, mid-bite snapshot.

My friends, all of whom are “normal” eaters- no one is even vegetarian – absolutely loved their food and praised me on my skilled restaurant choosing abilities. After a few years of being gluten free, one has to find a good restaurant and stick to it like glue. City O’ City is that restaurant for me. Go, if you’re ever in Denver!

Now that I can hit up the bars and be a real-life adult type person, what drinks should I order? I’ve gotten used to ordering gluten free food but I feel like ordering gluten free alcohol is a whole other can of worms that I have yet to open. Suggestions welcome. 


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