Veganism Didn’t Really Work Out for Me

As most of you know, I decided to be vegan for the month of April.

I had good intentions, I really did.

Thing were going peachy for the first week or so until I realized that I was continuing to mindlessly down cappuccinos on the daily without really thinking through the fact that there is cow’s milk dwelling within every cup. Whoops.

This gave me flashbacks to my days as a grasshopper gluten free-er when I was slowly but surely watching my world crumble figuring out how many things contain gluten in this cruel world. When I made the initial decision to go vegan for April, I went in with the impression that veganism meant cutting out basic things like cheese and eggs. Sort of in the same way that most people think that cutting out gluten is just cutting out bread.

Truth is, I hated the initial transition into being gluten free for the reason that it was just learning about all the things I couldn’t ever eat again. Why I thought it would be a grand idea to put myself through the same thing again with veganism, je ne sais pas.

Anyways, what is funny is that I was never actually vegan since I was accidentally ingesting milk every day in my coffee delights but my intentional failure occurred last week when I buckled down and bought some eggs.

I blame it on this picture that popped up on my Tumblr feed:


Perfectly scrambled eggs on a crispy piece of buttered toast slathered with salted and peppered avocado? I’M DONE.

Sorry, veganism, smell ya later.

It was fun while it lasted.


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