As crazy as it to say, I’ll be a college graduate by this time next year.

Weird, seeing as I am pretty sure I just graduated high school a week ago.

In all honesty, I feel about as ready as a person could feel going into their last year of schooling ever could be (unless I randomly decide to come back). I love school, especially as I’ve been able to delve deeper into my communications and marketing studies, but I’ve discovered that I love working even more. When I’ve been in jobs that don’t feel like work and feel like I am just getting to have fun and be paid for it- that’s what I can’t wait for. I’m working full time this summer and I love it because I love my internship- simple as that.

I never thought I would ever enjoy a 9-5 schedule but here I am, saying it.


My impending graduation has had me thinking about this blog. It’s purpose has always been to document my navigation of the gluten free diet while being away at college along with providing a space for new college students or newly diagnosed celiacs to get some useful and specific information from a somewhat relatable source. Doing the college thing without letting celiac disease surpass studying on the list of stresses has been the mantra of the blog, and writing updates for this blog has probably been more therapeutic and helpful for myself than it has for any readers. I do hope that there has been at least a smidgen of advice that stuck with some of you, a story that tickled your funny bone a wee bit, or at least made you feel sorry for me when I got glutened (hey-any emotional responses are welcome here. It’s a safe place). It has honestly warmed my heart every time someone has commented, “liked” my Facebook page, followed me on Twitter, or reached out with concerns and questions. Through my experience, I’ve been able to virtually meet so many amazing fellow gluten free bloggers and collaborate in initiatives larger than myself which means the world to me.

This is all starting to sound very sign-offish, which I’ll tell you it isn’t supposed to.

I will be graduating The Campus Celiac along with my own graduation since I will no longer be a college student. However, I am keeping the blog alive in another format. 

Over the next year, I’m going to be transitioning the blog into a lifestyle blog.

I know, I know, puke.

I don’t really like the sound of a “lifestyle” blog either because it gives the false impression that I live some pristine and orderly life that should be admired and modeled by all around me. Like I own all Thomasville furniture, am a beauty guru, and wear tediously styled outfits every single day.


To me, the “new” blog is going to be an extension of The Campus Celiac, giving me added freedoms in terms of what I’m writing about. Recipes, restaurant reviews, gluten free shenanigans, it’ll all still be here. But I’m hoping to add in some non gluten free related topics like room decorating, DIY, thrifting tips, daily life ramblings, etc. Mainly, I want this to be a place where I can write about whatever was on my mind on any particular day without it needing to be related to gluten or the lack of said gluten.

I’m really excited to revive the blog, get it all spiffed up, and start writing about the things that I’m most enthusiastic to write about! And as I’ve gotten more into the swing of things with this gluten free thing, I see it as a small chapter in my life, not the entire book.

Big hugs to everyone who is reading my blog or has read my blog for their support throughout the last 3 years on this thing!

See you soon!






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