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This Week on the Internet-July 28

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It saddens me deeply to announce that I still have yet to meet/date/marry Harry Styles from One Direction despite the band passing through Seattle last Sunday.

It’s not to say I didn’t try- my roommate and I walked the 4 miles to and from Downtown Seattle (twice!) to try and find any dim-lit-windowed white vans or hordes of screaming fans in front of a hotel. Kind of unsurprisingly, all we found was a surplus of tween girls with short shorts and crop tops wandering around, probably with the same goal as us slightly more inconspicuous 1D fans.

Despite this, the week overall has been quite good, and the things I’ve found on the Internet have been no exception:


So, apparently, you can live in London’s Pancreas Station Clock Tower for only $220 a night. Oh, those lofted ceilings! And the sneaky library shelves! And the absurdly pristine bathrooms!


A creative agency down the street from where I work gave some Capitol Hill Block Party attendees their fortune-and then made them come true. 


Speaking of Capitol Hill Block Party, this is what my neighborhood looked like last weekend. 

And here is some fun fashion from the events. I’m especially fond of the cat-emerging-out-of-a-banana t-shirt.


On other music news, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis came to Capitol Hill last week to film a music video on top of Dick’s Drive In (a Seattle classic). Sadly, the Internet spilled the beans on the “secret” filming, and too many people showed up, making the thing start 3 hours late. Me, being an old lady in a 21 year old’s body, left around 10 pm before I could see him. Next time around.


Uber might be my favorite app of all time. Seriously. If you don’t have it, download it. Especially if you live car-less in a city where you are sometimes out at night. It saved me from a mile walk and a group of rambunctious weed-beggars on the street after the 10 pm Macklemore fail.


This blog full of the most darling illustrated graphics gives me design-envy and hunger.


Rhett and Link made a musical. About Breaking Bad. With Middle Schoolers. I’m actually obsessed. I nearly lost it when Blue Rock Candy came out for an introduction.


And last, but not least- some words of advice for the single ladies out there from the one and only Miranda. Trust me, she knows what she’s talking about.


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